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If you desire a meaningful and rewarding career in public, charter or private education The Oaks is your Advocate! We are founded on the premise that "Your Success is Our Mission" and work aggressively to help you secure the position you seek in education for a lasting and fruitful career with our LEA (Local Education Agencies) partners! The Oaks is the highest quality education talent agency and human resources consultancy in Arizona! When you engage with us we proceed in delivering cutting edge payroll, compliance, program development, benefits and staffing support so you can succeed within your school(s), career and educational communities! 

School Site Administration Support 

Running schools in today's often litigious operational climate calls for highly focused and analytical decision making! More times than not building administrator's running lean organizational structures are forced to make "short-order" decisions that may place the school at risk legally. We are here to consult on such matters and research solutions/answers for you to eliminate the burden of uninformed decision making. We are your partner and work exhaustively to help you make the right call!

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Human Resources & Payroll Program Support and Services 

Are your employee facing programs right for your culture and organizational environment? We would love to help you make your employment dollars count down to the penny! Programs that yield productive work cultures and satisfied employees should be the only kind within your schools! We have answers to many of the problems facing education in Arizona and want to make every school the career choice for every great teacher you wish to employ! We analyze your programs and cost components to develop refinements, or full restructuring to be competitive and smartly tactical in your benefits, human resources policies and compensation structure!

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Talent Sourcing and Document Development 

At the Oaks we know that to be the best you have to employ the best! We find you the right fit for every position within your  school, district, or corporate groups through highly engaging, multi-state, sourcing pools! We use finely tuned analytical tools to bring the best candidate forward and prepare them to work for you! Hiring the people who will "move the needle" with your students academic you develop the school(s) financial goals and  make deep and lasting connections within your communities are the people we want to help you connect with! Also, less moving than our talent sourcing work, but useful, professional and in a timely manner we will develop policies and forms for distribution within your organization! 

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