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Your Success is Our Mission

Mission Launch  


Purpose and Call to Action 

We believe that your people are the most significant factor in an organizations success story bar-none! In an age of major workforce c​ulture  change we have developed an approach that leverages best-in-class solutions that address competitive benefits design, hiring, training, risk mitigation and work-place perks/organizational design to meet the relative needs of talent in today's market. Having the competitive edge now could mean decades of success for any organization, so partner with The Oaks and learn what a true partnership can do to raise the bar of success for your organization!  

Innovation that is Designed to Fit! 

How about using something new and interesting to help you standout from other employers! We help you decide what that means for your existing culture by doing a full analysis of your current culture. Why is exactly what we seek to answer as a partner. FTO (Free time Off) is  a concept on developing a work-life culture that may not function well at all for manufacturing cultures, so why focus on the new; we would rather help develop a manufacturing cultures' on-site perks and employee valued benefits rather than waste energy and resources on a program not made for industries involving high-demand staffing and shift work! 

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Human Resources & Payroll Program Support and Services 

Are your employee facing programs right for your culture and organizational environment? We would love to help you make your employment dollars count down to the penny! Programs that yield productive work cultures and satisfied employees should be the only kind within your organization! We have answers to many of the problems facing the fast evolving workplace of tomorrow and want to make every client the career choice for every great employee you wish to hire! We analyze your programs and cost components to develop refinements, or full restructuring to be competitive and smartly tactical in your benefits, human resources policies and compensation structure!

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Talent Sourcing and Document Development 

At the Oaks we know that to be the best you have to employ the best! We find you the right fit for every position you seek to fill  within your organization through highly engaging, multi-state sourcing pools! We use finely tuned analytical tools to bring the best candidate forward and prepare them to work for you! Hiring the people who will "move the needle" within your business to help your organization to add measurable gains to organizational and  financial goals! We seek to make deep and lasting connections within your social, professional and functional  communities  by connecting you to the people you want to connect with! Also, less moving than our talent sourcing work, but useful,  we will develop policies, forms, process flows and communications for distribution within your organization! 

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Hiring and Retention for the 21st Century 

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